Monday, July 30, 2012

A day at the park.

Today, the girls and I took a trip to Fletcher Creek Park.  The park just opened near the girl's school, and once the rain shower we had this morning cleared out, we decided to go before it got really hot. 

The park has 2 seperate "play areas" with multiple slides,  and 3 sets of swings.... babies (basket swings), toddlers (lower to the ground), and swings for the bigger kids. 

They have bike trails and walking trails, bridges, benches,  grills, picnic tables, and a covered picnic area.  The only thing I did not see was a port-a-potty, but they did have a drinking fountain.

We did not go on the nature trails, it was just TOO hot, but once it cools off, I can see us spending time exploring those. I love that there are 2 different play areas, and with several families there, there was room for all of the kids to play without running into each other.  I think I counted a total of 6 different slides! 

We came home and swimmed a little (it was little chilly in the pool, if you can believe that) and the girls have been drawing all afternoon.   Ashley drew an amazing Razorback... Go Hogs!

Tomorrow, we are going to take advantage of some Free Skating that we got online for the summer, so that should be fun!!  Anything inside sounds nice to me!!

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