Thursday, September 27, 2012


We finally took down the pool this year. It's amazing to me that it lasted through the summer, I just knew with the way it was leaning, the girls would jump around and create a tidal wave in the backyard. It lasted, but we (ok Brent) took it down so next year we can level it... Because when we put it up 2 years ago, we didn't.

So, in the big. Muddy. Circle the pool once stood, is now a turnip green patch. (atleast I think it's turnip, could be mustard.) I helped Brent plant seeds last night, and now have blisters all over my hand. Next time, when he asks if I want gloves, I won't be hardheaded! I can't wait to see them grow! I love, love, love beans & corn bread with greens!!!! Soul food!

Tomorrow they come to set up UVerse! Dom, dom, dommmm!!! Finally!! Brent actually just text me with list of things to do to get ready.

Ive been cleaning house today. I swear, I don't understand how I Managed to get everything done while working full time. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work part time!! I feel like I honestly work harder with cleaning, laundry, and actually cooking dinner everynight, than when I was work working!! I wish I could come up a way to help full time working moms, so they could enjoy their family more. I know how hard it is, just trying to get everything done!

The girls book fair is at school this week and next week! They are also having a "walk to school day" next Wednesday! Everyone is meeting at a park and parading to school!!! Fun!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The end is in sight!!

Thanks to my brother in law, we should have internet very soon ! Uverse here we come!! ;)

It's been rough around here without Internet! The girls have even been complaining because they can't use their itouch or kindle fire. It's amazing how much we actually use it at home!! Just this morning I needed to look up a recipe I have pinned (chicken cordon blue casserole.)

I had a sick Ashley yesterday. Sinus infection and a red throat. Thankfully, she is back to school today fever free!

I got homework sent home last night, which Brent found hilarious!! Jenna's teacher sent home laminated dolls to cut out. Super cute! So, I sat and watched tv and cut away!

There feels like a hint of fall today in the air! Love it. Love fall. Love everything about fall. Circle K finally got their pumpkin spice latta back! Omg amazing!!! And only 1.35 compared to starbucks 7.00 (I made that up, because I don't drink Starbucks) definitely try it if your near a Circle K!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sassy girls

The girls little friend had a birthday party at Sweet and Sassy this weekend, and they had so much fun! The got their nails painted, makeup done, hair fixed and enough glitter and cotton candy spray to last a lifetime! Here are some pictures and video. :) I want to have a dress up party!! The sweet and sassy girls were so nice, and were so lively! They sang and danced with all the girls!! I have lots of
Video, but my phone is not letting me upload them. Dang Internet.

Still no internet.

Ugh. Hopefully, this Internet issue will be resolved this week!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No Internet AGAIN

A few months ago, it stormed for a few days, and our Internet was down for 2 weeks. A couple of nights ago, our Internet went down due to "system" maintenance, and is still down. I'm seriously thinking about changing Internet companies!!

This weather the past 2 days has been amazing. I'm so ready for fall!! Yesterday, the girls rushed home and did their homework, then played outside until dark! I sat on the swing and enjoyed reading my nook. It was a really great Afternoon! Hopefully today we can do it again!

I started my jogging/walking routine today. My legs still feel like jello! I walked for 1 mile. I would like to work up to more, but I gotta start somewhere. My goal is to eventually do a 5k!!

Happy National talk like a pirate day. I tried to talk Brent into wearing his pirate costume to Krispt Kreme. They were giving out free donuts!! Yum.

Here are some pictures from yesterday matey!

Monday, September 17, 2012


It's been raining since Thursday. Not that I'm complaining, but where was the rain 2 months ago when we reallly needed it?? It's made me very lazy today for sure!

Weekends these days are insane! I told Brent last night that I needed a mini vacation from our weekend in Fayetteville! I'm pooped!! It was nice seeing all the family, and getting to spend time with my adorable snaggle toothed H and handsome C!! I miss those boogers! The girls had fun too, but were winey little monster girls at bedtime!

I took tons of pictures at "Big Daddy's" house, but will have to play with them to post. I will go ahead and post the ones I have on my phone here now! :)

Ashley and Jenna got their report cards last week, they are such smart girls!! They make me so proud!! Tomorrow night, is open house at their school!

I've been playing on pinterest all day. I swear, I need a pinterest group. Hello.... I'm Tish, and I have a pinterest addiction!! I've been looking up new recipes, because I'm in a rut. Hopefully, I've found some good one's! Can't wait to try them!

Here are some pictures from the weekend! :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm hog wild!

This weekend, we are making the trip to Fayetteville to watch the HOGS play!  I can't wait!!   I love being a hog fan!!!  There is nothing like being in Fayetteville during the rumble of a game.  And by rumble, I honestly mean that with all the fans... the stadium rubles.  It will give you chill bumps!!

We had a hard loss last weekend, and I truly feel like our players need EVERY. SINGLE. FAN. to stand behind them right now.  I can't wait to go show  my support!! 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our weekend had lots of ups and downs...

I love the weekends!!  I get to spend time with my family, sleep late later than normal, and get to stay up!  I just love them... I look forward to Friday afternoon every week and then I'm sad when Sunday night comes around.  (Sounds like that could be a country song!)

Friday morning, my mom came to town for Grandparent's Day at Chimneyrock!  Tommy went too, and they had all had a great time!

After school, we went shopping and to Chili's for a late lunch.  The girls got to color peppers for
St. Jude!  On September 24th,  ALL proceeds will go towards St. Jude!  You can read more about that here :: Create-A-Pepper

Saturday, Brent went to the game... and the girls and I stayed home to watch.  I'm not going to say much about it, because... well.  I'm just not.
I did fix yummy food for the game!  (Pigs in a blanket, jiffy corn dogs, pepper jelly dip, and sour cream and onion dip)  Yummm!!
Still a Hogs fan.
Sunday, we went to the Delta Fair.  For 6 hours.  My legs are still feeling the burn.
Ashley, Jenna, and Abbie woke up at 6am asking if it was time to go yet.  (The fair opened at 12)  Last year, the girls really wouldn't ride that many rides.  This year, they were riding machines!!!  They rode, and rode, and rode some more.  I think they ended up riding the swings around 4 times.  I was really impressed!! 
Waiting in Line!


We are ready to Ride!!

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

(that thing turned on it's side and then went backwards... and I thought I was going to fly out of my seat the 1 time I rode with Ashley.  Abbie, Ashley and Jenna rode it atleast 5 times. 

They got to take a picture with a Monkey, he was sooo cute!

Freak Show... their words, not mone!
We were all exhausted by the time we left, but it was so worth it!  My mom and Dad would take us to the Arkansas State Fair each year, and Trey and I use to have SO much fun!!  I'm glad we get to take the girls too!!  Can't wait until next year!!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Movie Night

During the school year, we have a Tuesday night movie night tradition with the girls.  We chose Tuesday, because that's the day the new Redbox movies come out! ;)   This past Tuesday, Brent brought home The Lorax.  It was such a cute movie!  We all 4 just giggled (ok, Brent really didn't giggle, he laughed) and thought it was wonderful!  The visual effects were awesome and reminded me of Candy Land!  I highly suggest it!     We try to do movie night every week, it's just a fun little tradition we started when the girls started school!

This week has been uber busy!  I have been trying to get back into the swing of things with work and still having to do everything around the house.  My mom is coming into town on Friday, so I have been trying to make sure the house is extra tidy.  The girls have no clue she will be here for Grandparent's Day at School, so they will be super excited!! 

Brent is going to the game this weekend in Little Rock, then we are headed to Fayeteville next weekend!  WPS!!!  I can't wait to go!  I love being in Fayeteville!! I love watching my hogs play!  I really hope they can pull off a win (how awesome would that be!!)  I need to see if this week's game is on TV.  *keeping my fingers crossed*

Brent and I have been talking about Christmas (yes, I am determined to get done with my shopping early) and starting to make lists!  We know the "big" present we want to get the girls, and when we bought our new refrigerator, they gave us a gift card, so that is 1/2 way paid for already!!  ;)   I am trying to make my list for Brent, and here are the top 5 things I have chosen to be on my list.

A pair of Miss Me Jeans

Black Glittery Toms

Silver Monogram Necklace

Barnes and Noble gift card (I need a new case, and some books)

Ipad.  hahahahah, yeah right, but a girl can want!

So, my sister-in-law who I know reads this... can giver her brother some pointers! ;)  Hey... it worked on my Birthday tom's! 

I hope everyone is having a good week, it's almost over! Thank Goodness!