Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 is almost over!

I know I havent blogged in forever!! Work, work, sleep, work. Repeat.

I thought I would do some highlights of the past weeks. Sorry, lll try to get better.

Thanksgiving was spent in Cabot. The girls and I had a wonderful time, and got some much needed family time.

Candycane (our elf) came back after Thanksgiving. She has been full of mischief.

We went and looked at Christmas lights this week, and put ours up. We have the most lights in our neighborhood. Yes, we are that house.

The girls leave today until Christmas. Super sad.

Jenna was chosen to participate in the school spelling bee. Proud momma.

Brent hasnt gotten a deer yet, but keeps trying!

We are almost done christmas shopping. Stressful.

We spent last weekend at Brent's mom for family Christmas. Fun times! It's always nice seeing extended family!

Here are pics from the last few weeks!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012


Things have been crazy since I started working again. I easily forgot just how many hours in the day I would loose by working. Good bye clean house, and laundry being caught up! Hello forgetting to plug in the crockpot and late nights! Oh well, we will get it together!

The girls are fine to their dad's until Thanksgiving. They are "supposed" to be in school, but only had to go for 2 days. So they are skipping!

I'm sick. Throat hurting, head stopped up, can't sleep because I can't breath sleep. Wonderful!

We are going to Cabot for Thanksgiving! Can't wait. I love being with my family!! Just wish I didn't have to work the day after. Blah. Can't wait to see everyone!!

We went to Carrie's 30th Birthday Fiesta this weekend. Super fun!! I loved her cake! I wish I had taken a picture!! I'll post pictures of what I have!!

Next Saturday, we are having girls night at my house! I bought waffle cones so I can make little Christmas trees with them and Ornaments!! I should rephrase. We are having little girls night!! :)

I also posted Science project pictures that the girls did! Solar System.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 2.

We are slowly trying to get into a afternoon routine at the Stafford house! The girls have been amazing! They have not complained about the changes! I'm so happy!

Work had been good, just trying to get into the swing of things. I swear its like rising a bicycle. Once you learn, you don't forget! I even had a lunch
Note (I've been taking my lunch) from Jenna & Ashley wishing me a happy 2nd day of work. My girls are the best!!!

Brent and I have been watching Election Day coverage tonight, and I'm about ready to delete my FB! I can't stand all the "political talk!"

Hating the time change! I'm ready for bed at 7pm!!! Bring on Summer!

Monday, November 5, 2012


The girls LOVED deer camp. Loved hunting, loved staying up by the fire, loved touching dead animals. Ick.

I started back to work, so no super long blog.... But here are pictures and video from our weekend! ;)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankful : Day 4

Day 4 :: Today, I am thankful for friends.

I have had the same 2 best friends Victoria & Jessie, since 9th grade. We met in 1993. Eeeek. We are SO old. DBS baby!

Once we got older, and started "allowing" new friends in (ha!) Tasha, Amber and Shannon became part of the 5.

We have been through it all together! Death, Marriages, Birth's, Divorce, Fights, Hospital Visits, Midnight calls, we have been through it all. We don't talk everyday, we don't see each other very often, and I know I don't "keep up" like I should... and despite ALL of that, we are still best friends.

We call ourselves the "Quacks" and it fits. I love every single one of them, and would do anything for them. We have such fun together!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankful :: Day 3

Day 3 : Today I am thankful for family.

I have an amazing family. I have a HUGE amazing family, and when I say I'm thankful for my family, it includes Brent's family, whom I consider "mine" as well.

I'm thankful for my Mom, Dad, and Step-Mom Gail.

I'm thankful for my Big Momma and Big Daddy.

I'm thankful for my brother Trey, his wife Sarah and 2 children.

I'm thankful for my Aunt T and Katie.

I'm thankful for Ann and Tommy.

I'm thankful for Carrie & GG (hmm... JJ!)

I'm thankful for Aunt Cathy & Uncle Herbie, who has taught mr husband about the stick.

I'm thankful for *all* of Brent's cousins and children. Including my very best friends, whom are now my family.

I'm thankful for Brent's grandmother. And, all the grandparent's whom he loves and I wish I had the pleasure of meeting!

I'm thankful for Poppa and Grandma June.

I'm thankful for Auntie Carol and Uncle Joe.

I'm thankful for friends, who are family.

I'm thankful for distant relatives, whom I may not see on a daily basis. I really hope I didn't miss anyone.