Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 is almost over!

I know I havent blogged in forever!! Work, work, sleep, work. Repeat.

I thought I would do some highlights of the past weeks. Sorry, lll try to get better.

Thanksgiving was spent in Cabot. The girls and I had a wonderful time, and got some much needed family time.

Candycane (our elf) came back after Thanksgiving. She has been full of mischief.

We went and looked at Christmas lights this week, and put ours up. We have the most lights in our neighborhood. Yes, we are that house.

The girls leave today until Christmas. Super sad.

Jenna was chosen to participate in the school spelling bee. Proud momma.

Brent hasnt gotten a deer yet, but keeps trying!

We are almost done christmas shopping. Stressful.

We spent last weekend at Brent's mom for family Christmas. Fun times! It's always nice seeing extended family!

Here are pics from the last few weeks!!!

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