Monday, November 19, 2012


Things have been crazy since I started working again. I easily forgot just how many hours in the day I would loose by working. Good bye clean house, and laundry being caught up! Hello forgetting to plug in the crockpot and late nights! Oh well, we will get it together!

The girls are fine to their dad's until Thanksgiving. They are "supposed" to be in school, but only had to go for 2 days. So they are skipping!

I'm sick. Throat hurting, head stopped up, can't sleep because I can't breath sleep. Wonderful!

We are going to Cabot for Thanksgiving! Can't wait. I love being with my family!! Just wish I didn't have to work the day after. Blah. Can't wait to see everyone!!

We went to Carrie's 30th Birthday Fiesta this weekend. Super fun!! I loved her cake! I wish I had taken a picture!! I'll post pictures of what I have!!

Next Saturday, we are having girls night at my house! I bought waffle cones so I can make little Christmas trees with them and Ornaments!! I should rephrase. We are having little girls night!! :)

I also posted Science project pictures that the girls did! Solar System.

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