Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baby docot

Yesterday, Feb. 12, was our first appointment at Ruch Clinic. I
Mean, after 5 positive pregnancy tests, you assume your pregnant right!? So, we went in, did a urine test (+) screening, bloodwork, pap, talked to the doctor about my cramping issues (cyst on right ovarie) and he did an ultrasound. I could wait to see the little bean, and i know Brent was excited as well. But, we couldnt see anything. It's completely ackward, when the ultrasound tech asks you If you are SURE you got a + because they can't find anything. Bawling, Crying, Mess. Thankfully, the doctor reassured us, that we are pregnant, just probably very early pregnant. Fingers crossed. So, I have to go in again tomorrow for more bloodwork, to make sure my HCG
Levels are rising like they are supposed to be!

We aren't giving up, and I'm not stressing over it, I'm still pregnant, and have VERY sore boobies now (tmi) plus took 2 more tests at home, that continue to get darker everyday!

Little pea must have been hiding, or just hasnt grown very much yet!

Hopefully after Friday. We have more answers!! Please say a prayer for us.

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