Monday, February 11, 2013

Guess what?!?!

Thursday, I was feeling off. Exhausted, late, on edge. So, off to CVS I went at lunch to buy a pregnancy test. We all know this drill, and how many times in my life I have thought I was pregnant. Tim and I tried for years and had to have help to get pregnant, so never in a gazillion years, did I EVER think it was possible. And sorry for the TMI, but it's not like Brent and I have been exactly careful in last 2 years. So, back to Thursday. Got the test, Wham... Immediate faint plus sign. Friday, I took another test 1st thing, and immediate line again. Guess it's starting to sink in a little. 3rd test (digital) Pregnant. 4th test on Saturday morning, 2nd line.

We are pregnant!!!

I'm estatically worried (will feel much better after our doctors appointment tomorrow) over the moon excited, nervously anxious, and giggly.

Brent and the girls are excited! The girls werent at first, but are now, and I hope after we have a picture, they will be happier! My poor girls are NOT good with change! Brent is still a little shocked, but i know he is happy too!

Here are some pictures of our eventful couple of days!!

I feel like I'm rambling....

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