Thursday, November 1, 2012


Oh, I wish I had the energy that Jenna and Ashley did!! After being sick, staying up too late, and walking for miles last night for Halloween, I'm exhausted! I told Brent I was taking the day off today!! Ha!

Last night was Halloween, and the first time I have done Halloween makeup! It turned out sooo cute! I was super worried, because Brent had to work late, but I managed all on my own!! Jenna, ash, and myself met at the neighbors and walked the neighborhood with them, and Brent met us later! The girls RACKED up on candy!!! Hehehhehe, I'm gonna go sneak some later!

I got a job, and start back to work on Monday!! Yay!!

This weekend, we are going to deer camp for youth hunt! The girls are super excited! I'm worried they will be bored to death, so I am packing lots of games to play!!

Here are Halloween pictures from last night!! I think we had the cutest Zombie Bride and Fairy around!! ;)

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