Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our weekend had lots of ups and downs...

I love the weekends!!  I get to spend time with my family, sleep late later than normal, and get to stay up!  I just love them... I look forward to Friday afternoon every week and then I'm sad when Sunday night comes around.  (Sounds like that could be a country song!)

Friday morning, my mom came to town for Grandparent's Day at Chimneyrock!  Tommy went too, and they had all had a great time!

After school, we went shopping and to Chili's for a late lunch.  The girls got to color peppers for
St. Jude!  On September 24th,  ALL proceeds will go towards St. Jude!  You can read more about that here :: Create-A-Pepper

Saturday, Brent went to the game... and the girls and I stayed home to watch.  I'm not going to say much about it, because... well.  I'm just not.
I did fix yummy food for the game!  (Pigs in a blanket, jiffy corn dogs, pepper jelly dip, and sour cream and onion dip)  Yummm!!
Still a Hogs fan.
Sunday, we went to the Delta Fair.  For 6 hours.  My legs are still feeling the burn.
Ashley, Jenna, and Abbie woke up at 6am asking if it was time to go yet.  (The fair opened at 12)  Last year, the girls really wouldn't ride that many rides.  This year, they were riding machines!!!  They rode, and rode, and rode some more.  I think they ended up riding the swings around 4 times.  I was really impressed!! 
Waiting in Line!


We are ready to Ride!!

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

(that thing turned on it's side and then went backwards... and I thought I was going to fly out of my seat the 1 time I rode with Ashley.  Abbie, Ashley and Jenna rode it atleast 5 times. 

They got to take a picture with a Monkey, he was sooo cute!

Freak Show... their words, not mone!
We were all exhausted by the time we left, but it was so worth it!  My mom and Dad would take us to the Arkansas State Fair each year, and Trey and I use to have SO much fun!!  I'm glad we get to take the girls too!!  Can't wait until next year!!


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