Monday, September 24, 2012

Sassy girls

The girls little friend had a birthday party at Sweet and Sassy this weekend, and they had so much fun! The got their nails painted, makeup done, hair fixed and enough glitter and cotton candy spray to last a lifetime! Here are some pictures and video. :) I want to have a dress up party!! The sweet and sassy girls were so nice, and were so lively! They sang and danced with all the girls!! I have lots of
Video, but my phone is not letting me upload them. Dang Internet.


  1. Not only do I want to have a dress-up party, I want to work there! I would have so much fun playing with makeup and doing hair everyday!

    Now I just need JJ to get promoted a few times so I can take the pay cut ;)

  2. I'm telling you, the girls had SO much fun!!! Jenna said, "Mommy" you should work HERE!!!