Tuesday, September 4, 2012


What a great weekend we had!!

Friday night, Tim came to Memphis to pick up the girls (thank goodness, because I am so over driving to Brinkley) so Brent and I went and had Mexican food (shocker) and then went to bed at 9:45!  I still am not sleeping well, so an early bedtime was much needed!  I had to set the alarm clock for 5:00 am (on a SATURDAY) so I'm glad we went to bed so early!

Saturday morning Game Day, we got up and headed out to deer camp bright and early to plant fields.  It was unbelievably hot, and kept raining off and on which made it sticky!  Afterwards, we left for Helena and stayed the rest of the weekend.  We listened to the game on Saturday night at Dusty's shop.  Go Hogs!

I got to spend lots of time with the Quacks, and it was much needed!!  We had so much fun playing cards, and got lots of girl talk in!  :)  Love them!!  Brent got to go Dove (ewww) so he was a happy camper too! The girls were upset that they couldn't go, but I promised them I would take them soon!!  I know we will be down for Blue's Fest (Bonnie Rait is playing) so the girls will go with us that weekend if nothing else. I wish we could go down next weekend for the Derby, but we have tons of plans for next weekend already.  The Delta Fair is next weekend, so we are going to take the girls to that on Sunday, and Brent is going to the game on Saturday (Go Hogs!)

This week, I am helping out my old boss at his new store, he has opened a new auto body shop, so I am helping out with some secretarial work until he can hire somebody full time (keeping fingers crossed that it lasts a few weeks, I really need to work part time!!)  or atleast until I hear from the school.   I have even asked about substituting, but never got a response.

I have an idea for the holidays that I am working on.  I don't want to say too much, because I still have lots of research to do!  But, it involves helping busy mom's on the go and treats! ;) 

I have tons of pictures from the weekend, but I forgot my cord, so I will have to post those later! I was in such a rush this morning... I'm not use to having to be up and dressed for work, that I walked off and forgot it.  I did get a chicken in the crockpot and dishes in the sink done.

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