Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The end is in sight!!

Thanks to my brother in law, we should have internet very soon ! Uverse here we come!! ;)

It's been rough around here without Internet! The girls have even been complaining because they can't use their itouch or kindle fire. It's amazing how much we actually use it at home!! Just this morning I needed to look up a recipe I have pinned (chicken cordon blue casserole.)

I had a sick Ashley yesterday. Sinus infection and a red throat. Thankfully, she is back to school today fever free!

I got homework sent home last night, which Brent found hilarious!! Jenna's teacher sent home laminated dolls to cut out. Super cute! So, I sat and watched tv and cut away!

There feels like a hint of fall today in the air! Love it. Love fall. Love everything about fall. Circle K finally got their pumpkin spice latta back! Omg amazing!!! And only 1.35 compared to starbucks 7.00 (I made that up, because I don't drink Starbucks) definitely try it if your near a Circle K!

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