Thursday, September 27, 2012


We finally took down the pool this year. It's amazing to me that it lasted through the summer, I just knew with the way it was leaning, the girls would jump around and create a tidal wave in the backyard. It lasted, but we (ok Brent) took it down so next year we can level it... Because when we put it up 2 years ago, we didn't.

So, in the big. Muddy. Circle the pool once stood, is now a turnip green patch. (atleast I think it's turnip, could be mustard.) I helped Brent plant seeds last night, and now have blisters all over my hand. Next time, when he asks if I want gloves, I won't be hardheaded! I can't wait to see them grow! I love, love, love beans & corn bread with greens!!!! Soul food!

Tomorrow they come to set up UVerse! Dom, dom, dommmm!!! Finally!! Brent actually just text me with list of things to do to get ready.

Ive been cleaning house today. I swear, I don't understand how I Managed to get everything done while working full time. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work part time!! I feel like I honestly work harder with cleaning, laundry, and actually cooking dinner everynight, than when I was work working!! I wish I could come up a way to help full time working moms, so they could enjoy their family more. I know how hard it is, just trying to get everything done!

The girls book fair is at school this week and next week! They are also having a "walk to school day" next Wednesday! Everyone is meeting at a park and parading to school!!! Fun!

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