Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No Internet AGAIN

A few months ago, it stormed for a few days, and our Internet was down for 2 weeks. A couple of nights ago, our Internet went down due to "system" maintenance, and is still down. I'm seriously thinking about changing Internet companies!!

This weather the past 2 days has been amazing. I'm so ready for fall!! Yesterday, the girls rushed home and did their homework, then played outside until dark! I sat on the swing and enjoyed reading my nook. It was a really great Afternoon! Hopefully today we can do it again!

I started my jogging/walking routine today. My legs still feel like jello! I walked for 1 mile. I would like to work up to more, but I gotta start somewhere. My goal is to eventually do a 5k!!

Happy National talk like a pirate day. I tried to talk Brent into wearing his pirate costume to Krispt Kreme. They were giving out free donuts!! Yum.

Here are some pictures from yesterday matey!

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