Monday, September 17, 2012


It's been raining since Thursday. Not that I'm complaining, but where was the rain 2 months ago when we reallly needed it?? It's made me very lazy today for sure!

Weekends these days are insane! I told Brent last night that I needed a mini vacation from our weekend in Fayetteville! I'm pooped!! It was nice seeing all the family, and getting to spend time with my adorable snaggle toothed H and handsome C!! I miss those boogers! The girls had fun too, but were winey little monster girls at bedtime!

I took tons of pictures at "Big Daddy's" house, but will have to play with them to post. I will go ahead and post the ones I have on my phone here now! :)

Ashley and Jenna got their report cards last week, they are such smart girls!! They make me so proud!! Tomorrow night, is open house at their school!

I've been playing on pinterest all day. I swear, I need a pinterest group. Hello.... I'm Tish, and I have a pinterest addiction!! I've been looking up new recipes, because I'm in a rut. Hopefully, I've found some good one's! Can't wait to try them!

Here are some pictures from the weekend! :)

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