Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1st day of Volunteering

Today, was the first day of volunteering at the girl's school! :)  Jenna's math/science class was first on my list (I absolutely adore her teacher!!)  I basically just  went over student's math tests with them, and helped them with the answers they got wrong, stapled papers, passed out papers, helped with notebooks, and other "busy" work.  I can honestly see how teachers do not have enough hours in the day!!  Jenna's teacher made the comment that she is lucky to get out of school by 6:00 pm, and then she still has a family to tend to once she gets home!  Eeeeek!! 

Tomorrow, I am going to  help Ashley's math/science teacher... whose name also happens to be Tish! :)

I know that Jenna loved having me there, and I loved eating lunch with both Jenna and Ashley! I can't wait to help with Ashley's class tomorrow too!! 

(My desk for the day!  hahahah!)
Jenna and Ashley are selling cookie dough this year.  In the past, we haven't "sold."  I know this sounds horrible, but the 1 time we did a Yankee candle fundraiser for the school, they school never turned in the order, so we had to go through the hassle of refunding everyone's money!  Brent and I decided never again!  But, the girls really want to try again.. so if anyone would like cookie dough, we are selling it!  :)  Please and Thank you! 
Did you know that I sell custom invitations, note cards, thank you notes, etc. on Ebay??  Well... I do! ;)  Here is a link to my Ebay account, but if you ever need anything "custom" I can create it for you!  You can always email me, message me on Facebook, or email me at
Here is a link to my Ebay stuff!  :)
I better get dinner ready!  We had an epic fail last night!  I fixed Sheppard's Pie in Cupcake liners for the girls.  While they thought it was great, I didn't think about the cupcake liners disintegrating.  Luckily, I saved them!  Ha! Tonight... it's fish sticks and french fries! ;)
Happy Wednesday!

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