Monday, August 6, 2012

1st Day of School... and I have 3rd graders.

I remember taking Jenna and Ashley to kindergarten.  I cried, and cried, and cried.  For a solid week.  Today, I took them into their 3rd grade classes, and Ashley was the one who cried.  Poor Ashley, she is not good with change, of any kind.  Jenna, was so brave!  She went right into her classroom, and found her locker and chair, and looked at me like "you can leave anytime mom!" After I took Jenna to her class, I peeked in and looked at Ashley (she didn't see me) and she was fine, working on her "welcome" worksheet.   They are in different classes, but are right across the hall from each other, so I hope they get to see each other some.  Putting them into 2 different classes has really been the best thing for them!!  They each have their own friends and their own identity!!  I think that twins get pushed together so much, I'm glad that they each get to be their own person!!

I can't believe how big they are getting.  Ashley told me earlier this week "You don't have to walk in with us" but today, was thankful that I did.  (and they had WAY to much stuff to carry for me not to help them, AND I'm not ready for them to walk to class without me, on the first day yet!!)

3rd graders.  Ugh!!  I wish time would slow down. 

1st grade!

I hope they have a wonderful day, and I can't wait to go get them and hear all about it! 

This weekend was filled with family!  Brent's mom was here  this weekend, as well as Dad & Gail!  Friday night, we went to eat Mexican food, Saturday Brent got up and pressure washed the deck and driveway, Gail and Dad came over for a visit to give the girls their birthday presents (which they loved!!  They wore their cupcake bracelets to school today) and then we went to the farmers market.

Sunday, we learned how to Can, so we canned Okra, Salsa, and Pepper Jelly!  Yummm!  Next weekend, we want to learn how to can green beans and spaghetti sauce!

Here are some more pictures of the girls on their 1st day of 3rd grade!  Thank you Pinterest for the sign idea! ;)


(Zombie 3rd graders!)



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