Friday, August 10, 2012

Toot Toot... it's Friday

Friday, Friday, Friday!  Ah, we made it through the first week of school!!  When I say we "made" it through the first week... I really mean, without any fights, no crying girls, no arguments at bedtime!! Yes!!!!

Today, is Spirit Day at school.  The girls were SUPER excited about not having to wear a uniform shirt today!  Props to Chimneyrock PTA for  coming up with the No Uniform Friday policy! PTA sold the shirts for $10.00 so it was an awesome moneymaker for them!   

Really, when did my children get so Big??!?  They said they looked like Cheerleader's this morning! ;)

Ok, I have to brag a little on my coupon trip to Target!! 

(Sorry for the crappy picture, I was in the car rider line)

That's 2 packages of disposable BIC razors
2 crayons
2 Glade Air Spray Thingys
2 Glade Oil Diffuser starter kits
1 package of Papermate Pens
1 Cascade dishwasher cleaner
1 package of sponges
1 eye drops

For.... drum roll please .......   $2.79   Thank you, Thank you!  I was so excited!!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!  It's supposed to be beautiful weather!!  Finally!

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