Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I'm so tired today, I can't even come up with a catchy Blog title!!  When the girls left for the summer to go to their dad's, I started not being able to sleep at night.  I mean, I can fall asleep no problem, but I can't "stay" asleep.  For months now, I have been waking up at least 5 + times.  It's driving me crazy!  I've tried taking melatonin, and while that helps, I'm still waking up. Since the girls have been home for 2 weeks now, I would think I would have started to sleep better, and haven't.  Hopefully soon, because I'm a tired momma!

The girls are on their 3rd day of 3rd grade!  (I guess that could have been a catchy title!!)  I'm so glad that they are both enjoying it so far.  They got to switch classes yesterday, and meet their 2nd teachers.   Ashley is so excited about getting the Science teacher she got, because in a picture in last year's yearbook, it shows her class dissecting a Sting Ray.  Ewwww.   The only thing I remember dissecting was a frog in 9th grade Biology.  Yuck!! 

I went on a job interview today, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will work out, and I will get a call!  The hours would be PERFECT, and it would be M-F!!  Oh Please, Oh Please, Oh Please let me get that  job!  Please, Please, Please!!  

Tonight, I am fixing these (minus the mayo for the girl's hot dogs)  with fries.  Quick and easy! 

Oven Dogs   (courtesy of Pinterest!) ;)

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