Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sleepovers and Lunch Dates

The girls talked me into having a friend spend the night after registration.  I really think that we need to start having 2 friends spend the night, that way each of them have someone to play with.  It seems to be harder with 3 girls, but they played really well together.  We made donuts for breakfast (out of canned biscuits) and ice cream sundae's for snack.  Yummy. 

My grandfather had a pace-maker (I'm not sure if that is 1 word or not) put in this morning.  Thank goodness it went well, and I pray that this will fix his "dizzy" spells.   I hate not being there, but I know that he is being well taken care of, and will hopefully get to go home tomorrow. 

Today, we went and  had lunch with Brent at Neely's.  It was nice getting to see everyone from "work" and the girls enjoyed getting to see Brent during the day!  The BBQ was so yummy!!! 

I have been selling some prints on Ebay! :)  It gives me a creative outlet!  I just love this one!! 

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