Monday, August 20, 2012

I want a Food Truck!

The weather in Memphis was absolutely beautiful this weekend! I'm so thankful for cooler temps! It makes me ready for pumpkins and football!!

Saturday, we went over to Tina & Dustin's for a crab boil! Oh*my*goodness yummy!! The girls played so well with all the kids and Brent and I had some nice adult time! There new deck/porch is awesome!

Sarah's banana pudding was a hit, and not a drop was left in the pan to bring home! I can't wait to make it again!! Someone else needs to have a BBQ soon!!

Sunday, we got up and headed to Shelby Farms for sunflower pictures (that I haven't had time to play with) and a food truck rodeo! So much fun!! I was happy to take advantage of lots of yummy food, since today I started my diet! They had around 7 food trucks with everything from BBQ nachos (which is what I chose) to Fish Taco's! So, now I'm trying to convince Brent that we need a food truck!! I even know what I want to serve!! I just need someone to invest! Lol!! I spent last night on craig's list looking up concession trucks! Ouch expensive! How cool would a mobile frozen yogurt (complete with toppings) be!?!?!? See.... NOW who wants to invest?? Ha! Or, can we "pimp my motorhome?"

Today, Brent stayed home with me! He has broken a tooth and is anxiously awaiting his appointment with an oral surgeon tomorrow afternoon! He has been pretty loopy on pain meds today, but he is not hurting! Last night was rough!

Enjoy the pics!! :)

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