Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pork Chop

Here at the Stafford house, we have a zoo.   Brent loves animals, and the girls do too.  I've tried to be an animal lover, I really have, but I'm not.  I love our animals, don't get me wrong...  but I'm just not a "animal" person.  

The girls have been begging for a guinea pig.  BEGGING.  So, this weekend we surprised them with one.  Meet Pork Chop, our new guinea.  After getting him, we told the girls that he is completely their responsability.  They have to feed him, water him, change his litter, and play with him.  So far, they have don't really good.   Yesterday, was the first time they were able to get him out and play with him... he  makes the cutest little purring noise when you hold him!

This weekend, we did more canning.  We got 16 jars of green beans canned!  Yumm!!  I also got 4 packages of green peppers, and 2 packages of fresh tomatoes put up in the freezer as well! I'm so excited we haven taken the steps to learn this!  I can't wait to do it more often!!

The girls 2nd week of school has been good.  This week, they brought home homework, so everyday after school it is the 1st thing we are doing.  The first night it took us 1 1/2 hours to get it done.  Last night, it took us an hour.  I can not believe how much homework they  have!  Hopefully, we will get into a routine!  I'm so thankful that I am able to stay at home with them this year, I can't imagine having to cram everything together in the afternoons after workind all day!! 

Here are some pictures from our weekend!  Happy Hump Day!

Awesome new deck at a friends house! 

Beer @ Buffalo Wild Wings... Yum!

Brent and Pork Chop

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  1. Love the name Pork Chop! I didn't realize they made any sounds except squeaks...funny:)