Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday, Tuesday

What a lazy weekend we had!  It was just what we needed!  Sunday, Brent and I literally slept All. Day. Long.  it was so nice and much needed!  Since I have felt like my head was going to explode from this cold (thank you parents for sending your children to school sick, and giving it to my children, which keep giving it to me!) but today, I am feeling MUCH better!

I have applied for literally 15 jobs online today.  How is it so hard to find a job??!?!?!  I'm getting so frustrated.  Please, please, please let me find one soon!!  I did, get my background check approval from Memphis City Schools, so I am one step closer to the job at the school.  Plus, I can do some volunteer work (so maybe that will get my foot in the door?) 

I put my Razorback wreath out this weekend!  Go Hogs!  It's game week!  So excited!!

Now, I am dreaming of fall (my favorite time of  the year) and even have a candy corn project I am working on!  I will post pictures once I am done!  :) 

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