Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Christmas List

I have been keeping a Christmas list for Jenna and Ashley on my phone, but since they have been asking to play with it more and more... I am getting paranoid, so I thought I would keep a running list here! :)

Jenna :

Furby (but she wants $$ so she can buy her own)  she showed me a picture of the ones she wanted, just this morning! :)    She wants both. 

Lava Lamp

DS Games (will  have to ask which ones)

Pink & Black Monster High girl

Blue Pants

Boy Shorts/Tank Top (sleep)

Nerf Gun

Magic 8 Ball

Boy barbie dolls

Ashley ::

Mermaid LaLaloopsy doll

 $32.00 Walmart

Sketcher House shoes

Shrinky Dinks

Uno Attack

Minute to Win it

Polly Pocket color change makeover

 26.00 Amazon


(comeback toy for sure! *must order)

Littlest Pet Shop Fairies

*Blue Ray / TV  (this is what Santa is bringing them!)

These are some of the things they have said that they want, so I have been keeping notes.   

I've also found a few things for Brent :

Zombie Targets 

Brent is ridiculous to buy for!!!! 

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