Friday, October 26, 2012

Icky day

It's a rainy, cold, windy morning in Memphis! I'm thankful for the cool temps, but could do without the wind and rain, especially since I have to drive to Brinkley this afternoon (hopefully it will be clear by then!)

This morning, I'm getting my oil changed, then it's home to do laundry and clean house. I think I've become addicted to house cleaning... But that will soon change once I go back to work! Hopefully, I can find someone to come and clean once a week!

So, I have 2 interviews on Monday. 1 is an accounting firm and 1 with ABRA. *fingerscrossed*

Can't wait to watch the Hogs play tomorrow. Actually, we will listen to the game, since we will be at deer camp for the day!!

Here are some random pictures from the week! :)

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