Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In Limbo

After much thought, and wondering, and pondering.  I have decided to go back to work, full time.  I haven't been pressured in any way (I actually think that Brent is a little sad, that I want to go back to work full-time) or talked into it, by anyone but myself, I honestly think that this is the best thing to do for our family.

I hate that I won't  be home in the afternoon with the girls, but I will be working closer to home, so I won't be sitting in traffic for an hour.  We *should* still be home by 5:45 at the latest (compared to 6:30, when I worked on the other side of Memphis) and I'm hopefully going to be able to take them to school still (if not, they will be in before/after school care at the school.)  There are a few things I still have to work out.

Financially, we just can't do it with me not working.  I have tried for  MONTHS looking for something part time, and every job I have found wants me to work weekends, and that's really the only time I have with our family, so that's not an option for me.  Going back to work full time, I won't have to work weekends, at all, plus no Holiday's (which is another down side of retail.)

So, hopefully next week (sometime) I will be back to work.  *Keepingmyfingerscrossed*

By some miracle, if I can find a no weekends part time job, before going back, I will take it.  Times are tough in the job market right now, for sure!!

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