Monday, October 22, 2012

Leaves, Eggs, and Bull Riding

Our weekend was amazing!  The weather was wonderful, the girls got to ride horses, and we got to have a steaks cooked over the fire!  Yum!  Everything tastes so much  better when it's cooked outside!  Good job babe! :)

I can't even describe how breathtaking the leaves were at the campsite.  Brent and I both tried to take pictures, but I don't think we did them justice!  Gorgeous!  (prepare for a picture overload!)

Here are some of the highlights from our trip ::


Card games
Self Portraits


Wagon Rides
Bull Riding

More Bull Riding

Magic the Horse

 Pretty girls


 Self Portraits

I LOVE this picture!  Brent took this one! :)
The horse camp was doing a benefit for St. Jude on Saturday, so the girls got to ride horses, go bull riding, and went on a wagon ride.. and the proceeds went to St. Jude!  The girls had tons of fun!! They also did a BBQ dinner, auction, and Coffee & Fried Pies, but we didn't do those.
The girl's also made friends while we were there, so they had 3 other little girls to play with on Saturday afternoon/night.  Ava, Lilly and Bella.  They were too cute!
It was a gorgeous weekend, the weather couldn't have been better,  and I'm so glad we got to go!  Thank you Ann!! :) 

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