Thursday, October 18, 2012


I've always been skinny and never had a problem with my weight. Actually, the only time I can ever remember having to watch what I ate was 1 time in college, when I started the pill, and even then I only had to diet for a couple of weeks. When I got pregnant with Jenna and Ashley, I weighed 110lbs. After I had them (and a few months passed) I weighed 117. Fast forward 8 years, and I'm at the heaviest I gave ever been. 140. It pains me to even type it. I know that's not much, and I'm not writing this so people can tell me thats nothing, because it is to me. I want to be healthy, I want to FIT into my clothes, and being able to fit into a size 10 is not unreasonable to me, after wearing a size 6 all my life.

I had my mierana (spelling) taken out in June.. Since then, my weight has been a steady rise. Add along w the fact that I don't exercise, I quit smoking, and I love chips and wine. Oh, and in not particularly fond of water, Give me a Diet Coke instead.

So, I'm going to use this as my weight loss journey too. I want to loose 10 lbs by Christmas and then 10 by valentines day. 20 pounds in all.

On Monday, I walked 1 mile.
Wednesday, 1.5 miles
Thursday, 2.5 miles

I hope to get in Friday, Saturday, and possibly Sunday.

See, progress.

I know I need to lower my carb intake, and eat more protein. I honestly don't eat that much, but I do love wine.. And I'm not giving it up! I signed up for myfitness pal to keep up with what I eat, and distance free to keep up with my miles. (apps)

I can do this!!!! I can do this!!!! I can do this!!

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