Wednesday, October 3, 2012

National Walk to School Day 2012

Today, I sat my alarm clock for 5:45, got up, showered, dressed, fixed coffee, woke up girls, breakfast, clothes picked out and helped them dress, teeth brushed, hair fixed, lunch packed, backpacks gathered, and out the door by 7:30!! Whew, I need a nap!

Today, the girls school participated in National Walk To School day! We all met at the park at 7:45, and walked a path to the school! I'm really surprised at how many people participated, but kinda disappointed that Jenna and Ashley were the only 2 who made posters and wore silly hats! Ah well, they stood out, and enjoyed it!

I ventured to the mall today to get my rings inspected. While cleaning my diamond necklace, the bottom diamond fell out, so we had to send it off for repair AGAIN! (2d time, same diamond) thankfully, the woman helping me found the diamond this time. The first time I lost it, who knows what happened to it! Brent noticed it one day at work... That it was missing! Luckily, he bought the extended warranty offered at Kay's, and we have continued to buy it with every purchase! So, for instance my Wedding Band has shrunk (ha) I had it sent off today to be reSized, free of charge! So, I'm rocking my engagement ring this week, until I get my ring back! I highly suggest getting an extended warranty when it comes to jewelry!!

After taking care of that business, I walked around the mall. I hate the mall. I never go, and NEVER shop there. I'm way too cheap! But, I have been wanting a pair of Miss Me jeans, and decided to go try some on, incase anyone wants to buy me some for Christmas. I went to JC Penny's first, and found a "knock off" brand that I fell in love with, and the best part is they are 27.00!! Shaaaa Baaam! (I'll be going back this week to get some, but wanted to see If I could find a
Coupon first.... SEE CHEAP). After,
I went to Dillards to compare, and let me say will NEVER buy anything from Dillards at the Wolfchase mall. ever. Ever. EVER!!! I felt so uncomfortable looking, And DARE to ask to try on. Snooty sales people. So, I think I've
Decided to forget the Miss Me Jeans. I'll stick with the fake one's. And for the price of those jeans at Dirty Dillard's, could easily afford to get 3 pairs of the one's from Penny's!!! What's up with customer service sucking so bad these days?!!?? Hmm... I see a writing a letter in my future!

Sorry for the rant!

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