Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend update!!

I feel like I need a weekend break, from the weekend!! Whew, I'm one tired momma!!

Friday, I took the girls to Brinkley, and then had a Sushi Date night in with Brent! We watched random Scary movies and I think he was asleep by 11! Ha! I'm usually the one passed out WAY before him, but I managed to stay up until 1:00 watching Misery.

Saturday morning, we were supposed to go to camp, but he surprised me on Friday night, and said that we weren't going!! So, I stayed in my pajamas ALL day! We watched the game, and then got ready for a Halloween party at Lilly & JR's! We had a really good time, and got to meet some really cool people! She fixed SO much food, and JR makes the best hamburgers!! YUM!

Sunday, we went Christmas shopping, out to lunch (i took a pic of the nee coke machine) and grocery shopping. We spent *way* too much money, but got a full shopping cart of toys! Brent and I are dangerous in a toy store!! We just have a few more family presents to get, and we are DONE!! That's so impressive for us. We usually wait until the last second!

Last night, I went and got the girls and then rushed home for another Halloween party with our neighbors!! Who are super awesome, and we just met last week! (they just moved in) again, they fixed SO much food! The girls go go paint pumpkins and the adults sat by the fire, it was a good night!

This is going to be a super busy week!! Tonight is Chick-fila school spirit night. Tuesday, nothing (yay!!) I have an interview.
Wednesday, trick or treat
Thursday, packing
Friday, Saturday, Sunday = deer camp


I had an interview this morning, and another tomorrow! :)

Here are some pics from the weekend! Including our Halloween decorations inside!

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