Monday, October 8, 2012

Fantastic weekend!

KBBF 2012 was a success. A cold, wet success, but a great time none the less! Friday, we met for dinner at Seikisue (sp??) for Kennedy's birthday dinner! It makes me sad that all these girls are growing up and not wanting to have birthday parties!!

Saturday, we woke up to rain and freezing temps!! Brrr! Thank goodness I packed warm clothes!

Saturday night we went to the Fest, and I think we all had fun!! I'm so glad
Carrie and JJ went with us! We always have a great time with them!! Thanks jess for driving us!! ;). Despite the rain, I'm glad we went! I love people watching (and seeing high school friends!) we could even *hear Bonnie playing, even though we couldn't see her! Ms. Diva herself!

We got the house decorated for Halloween yesterday!! Love it!!

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