Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Magic of a Moment

The girls are participating in "The Magic of a Momen" reflections contest through the PTA.

There are several different catagories, and Jenna has chosen :

Art (drawing a picture in class)

Photography :  She took 2 pictures of flowers

Literature :  She wrote a story about going to the Zoo

Dance :  (Butterfly fly away)  I hope it posted, it's super cute!!

Movie:   She  made a slide show of pictures to Yellow Submarine! ;)  Hmmm... Carrie & JJ!  Wonder where she got that idea from?!?!  HA!

Here is the link (hope it works!!) Jenna Video Yellow Submarine

Ashley did 2 things...

She wrote a Poem
When I got my Guinie Pig
When I got my Guinie Pig
I was so  happy.
I walked into my house, I saw a cage.
I looked in it.
It had a guinie pig.
His name is Pork Chop.
He is lite brown and white. 
He is so cudly.

And took 2 pictures to enter!  

*We cropped the pictures some, it just didn't save here.
She also did a movie: 
I am SO proud of both of them.  I love seeing what "The Magic of a Moment" is in their eyes!!   

Jenna won last  year, with a painting.  I hope they both win something this year too! :)   I'm one proud momma!!

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