Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Break 2012

Jenna and Ashley are out of school for Fall break, Thursday and Friday.  Yesterday, they stayed with me and then I took them to their Dad's for Friday/weekend.  I think it's pretty nifty that they wanted to "spend a day with each of us", and that they are getting old enough to make those decisions.  Although, it makes me sad that I can't spend every second with them.  Ahhhh... the life of a divorcee' (is that how you say it?)

So, yesterday we decided to have a pajama day!  Jenna said "this is the best girls day ever" so I figure they had a pretty good day!  We played dress up, made cupcakes, and went to Walmart so they could make their Christmas list (I have TONS of ideas if anyone needs one!)    Note to self, LAWAY!!!   I just love spending time with those 2!  They definately keep a smile on my face, and keep me laughing! 

Jenna came running into the living room yesterday, and said "it does NOT taste good  when you lick your armpit after you put on deodrant!" ?????  Say What ???  "I was trying to see if I could lick my armpit and forgot I put on deodrant"  Huh?????   By this time I was texting Brent... she said "Mommy, atleast it was clean"    My funny, funny girl!!   

We are trying to decide what colors to use on our Christmas Tree this year.  I saw some really cute lime green and pink ornaments that will go perfectly with our turquoise and brown from a few years ago!    Ashley wants to use the ornaments we already have, and Jenna loved the Pink too.  Hmmm...

2010  (we used all the ornaments from years past)
2009 (brown and turquoise)
2011 (blue and silver)
Growing up, we always had ornaments that people had given us over the years and used those on our tree, my grandparents give us ornaments ever year (and now do it for the girls) and my mother in law gives us all ornaments, as well as family made ornaments.  Brent has gotten ornaments since he was a kid too... so we have PLENTY of ornaments to use!  Which reminds me, I need to start looking for ornaments for Jenna and Ashley to make this year.  I really want to use the seashells from our trip somehow!
  I buy a picture frame ornament every year, and put the girls pictures in them from that year.  One day, when they have their own Christmas tree, they will be passed down to them.  I love looking at the ornaments from when they were babies and to see how much they have grown from the previous years.  This is just one little tradition we do!  This year, we bought them at Hobby Lobby super early, being the procrastinator that I am, I usually wait until the last second to buy them.
This weekend, Brent and I are headed to deer camp! :)  I love that he includes me, and encourages me to go with him.  I'm not much of a "hunter" but I love going and sitting around the fire and being with Butch and Donna, and the rest of the members!   We are going to clean out a bunk house this weekend, so we can take the girls with us.  Brent is dying to take them!! :) 
(last year at camp)
Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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