Friday, October 19, 2012

The F Word

Friday.  It's finally here.  Thank Goodness!! (and you thought I was talking about something else! Shame!!  hahahaha)

We are off on a camping adventure this weekend, and I can't wait for ::

Gorgeous Fall Colored Leaves, a fire, roasting marshmallows, early morning coffee outside, playing at the park (we are camping right across the street from one, at Village Creek State Park), ghost stories by the fire, and Snipe Hunting!   (which Jenna and Ashley fall for every time!!)   We love Village Creek and visit several times a year.  I love that they have children's activities all weekend, so the girls don't get so bored just sitting at the campsite! 

Here is a run down of pictures from the week, and things I haven't had time to Blog about!  :)

Tuesday night, the PTA put on "game night" at a local park and then we came home and played UNO.  

Wednesday night it stormed, so the girls made a "pallet" on the floor and snuggled with Brent.  We *hate* storms in the S house.  I'm terrified of them, so I always let the girls stay in the living room while it is storming.

Thursday, I finally walked 2.5 miles and saw a cute little green worm while I was taking a break.

Told you Jenna was OBSESSED with Furby's... we found these 2 notes this week.  1 on the Fridge, and 1 on our computer.  That kid really makes me smile!:)
Have a great weekend!!

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