Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my Daddy's birthday, and yes... I still call him Daddy.  Those who "know" me, know that I am a complete Daddy's girl, always have been, and always will be.  I'm very lucky to have many special men in my life, but my Daddy will always be #1.   

Some of my favorite memories are with my dad.  Fishing, Golfing, his old white Ford Pickup truck with holes in the floor board, his Letterman Jacket, the Barbie Dreamboat he got me for Christmas one year, him combing my hair after a bath and discovering there was conditioner still in it, hanging out and watching football, our talks on the back porch, him holding the girls for the first time, I could go on and on.  But, my most favorite memory, is him taking me on a day of shopping.  I must have been around 10, when girls are beginning to  get into that "awkward" stage (maybe a little older) and him and I went on a shopping adventure.  We lived in West Helena at the time, and there are NO places to go clothes shopping in Helena (unless you count WalMart, which I am not knocking!)  But, we found a little boutique called the Shoe Rack, and went inside and he let me pick out  whatever  I wanted. I think I got a couple pairs of stretch pants and some shirts to go with it (completely 80's look) and   I remember feeling so special that day, and loving getting to spend time with just "us"!  

My daddy has always been there for me, with whatever problem I have, or talk I need.  He can tell me I'm being dumb, or hard headed (wonder where I get THAT from!) or that I need to get my Shit together.   He can also make me smile bigger than life, just by a simple Good Morning text message, which I get often!   He has walked me down the isle,  held my hand when things were really bad, and never questioned me when I told him I was leaving, but instead helped me pack.  He has been one solid force in my life, he has never left.    I'm so thankful that he is my daddy.

Happy Birthday Daddy!  I will love you always, and I will always be your little girl!


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