Monday, October 15, 2012


This weekend went by entirely too fast!  Friday, I met Brent at work (which was nice, because I got to see my old   past coworkers) to head to Deer camp for the night.  Ya know, I never thought that I would like deer camp, but I love it!  I guess it's just the atmosphere, because the thought of actually shooting something, grosses me out.  Since the camp has downgraded in members, we have a cabin to ourselves now, so we had to go clean this weekend.  Ew.  Ugh.  Disgusting.  Finally, we got it finished, and it looks good (for a deer camp) and I can't wait to take the girls.   Brent was such a trooper with the cleaning, because some of it I just flat out refused to do!!  I think it makes him smile to know that we have a safe, clean place to bring the girls to, and that I have started going with him.  I know it's his "retreat" but he has graciously accepted us going with him!

On Saturday, some friends of ours came up and we went to Haunted Houses. 
Why do I do that to myself every year?  I suffered from a migraine ALL day yesterday because of the strobe lights.  Lesson learned.   It was fun, and we got to have some Shane and Jessie time!  :)  We really enjoyed it, as well as the Waffle  House dinner afterwards!  Yeee Hawww!  3 Haunted houses/trails down!  The one's we went to were :
House of Horrors   (2 haunted houses!)
Last year, we waited for over 2 hours in line for these.  This year, we picked an awesome weekend, because we didn't have to stand in line at all!   These are definitely worth the money, and it benefits Youth Villages!  They put so much detail into these 2 haunted houses, it's amazingly realistic!  I think the Insane Asylum is the scariest!  The 3D affect of Tormented, is incredible! 
I would really like to take the girls to the Corn Maze, when it's not haunted.  Although it really wasn't scary (unless someone grabs your leg... ugh) but it took a pretty good bit to walk through. Also, there lots of hooligans there, with FILTHY mouths, and I really wouldn't want to yell at someone, in front of my children!!  So, we may do a DAY trip, or a weekday night trip. 
Sunday, I spent most of the day in bed while Brent cleaned out and organized our garage!  Finally, yesterday afternoon I started feeling better, so I went and got the girls while Brent did the grocery shopping (thank you honey!) and then we watched The Living Dead outside (Uverse rocks) and had a small fire in the fire pit, while Brent grilled!  Awesome Sunday night for sure!  Thank goodness my Migraine went away!  I hate those things.
We have a super busy week ahead.  The girls have a Game Night at their school tomorrow night, and then we are going camping on Friday.  Should be a nice weekend, and I can't wait to go.  This is the last chance we are gonna have before it gets cold!  Sunday, we are going to come home and carve pumpkins! 

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